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Episode 3: Know Thyself

Jada Imani is a dynamic MC and teaching artist from the Bay by way of East St. Louis. ... She encourages people to dig into their truths, celebrate their authentic selves and experiences. Jada's work is mirrored in community through music showcases, artist talks, and workshops.  She intends to assist the cultural and structural evolution of groups and individuals who are seeking healthier ways of (co)existing. Jada builds coalitions with communities of poets, Hip-Hop heads and entrepreneurs alike.





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In this Episode: 

Self Image Psychology

Pushing the Boundaries of What We Think is Possible

Patterns & Personal Power

Using Our Limbs in the Spiritual World

Accessing the Home Within You

Everything Exists in Everything

Angels, Guides, We Choose Our Parents...

Feeding Your Ancestors

Trust- You'll Fall Exactly Where You Need To Be

Living in Fear is Deep Suffering

Courage is Necessary

Living With Intention

Trust in Your POWER

Five Element Astrology

Childlike Insistence

Fox Energy: Adaptability, Becoming Like the Wind

Art of Oneness 

Featured Plant Ally: Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

Resources and Links:

Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz & Dan Kennedy

Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield

Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot

The Quietest Revolution, Amber Khan

Tom Kenyon


-Family Over Everything by Jada Imani prod. Jaleel Carter

-Drip by Jada Imani prod. MejiWahn 

-Who Else by Jada Imani prod. Baghead

-Though U Knew by Jada Imani prod. Mcstravick 

-Some Breathe Smooth by Jada Imani prod. Baghead

-Sometimes I Feel Like by Jada Imani prod. Baghead

Shout Outs: 

Jada Imani

George Peterson Jr.

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