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Season 2
Conjuring Light -
We are the Dreams of Our Ancestors

Welcome to Season 2 of Medicine Cypher with your hosts Maya Blow and Bae laurel! 

Join us this season as we explore what it means to grow into the wildest, brightest dreams of our ancestors. Over the course of 13 episodes, we bring together interviews with healers, herbalists, farmers, artists, change makers, and teachers of African descent who are shining, vibing and sharing their light and gifts in powerful ways to educate and inspire communities of color. Season 2 is a weaving across time and space with recordings from before the pandemic as well as new interviews fresh off the press.  This season is a gathering of wisdom to help us manifest the dreams that have been planted by generations of our ancestors and to honor the new growth that is blooming right now for all of us! 
The show is grown locally in the SF Bay Area and taps into the larger network of the African diaspora across the U.S. and world. We are excited for you to join us. Enjoy!


Listen to Season 2 promo here:

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