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Episode 4: Groundation

Michele Elizabeth Lee has worked for over 30 years in the integrated arts field as a visual artist, curator, administrator, educator and writer.  She has a MFA from the University of Southern California and a BA from Antioch College.  She is a native of Oakland, California, who was raised in a family of traditional healers from the South.  She currently lives and works in her native Oakland, where she teaches art in a public school.  She has two adult children, Milon and Nora.  

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In this episode

Black Folk Medicine

Being on your hustle

Preventative healthcare

Oral traditions, treasures of stories

Chalk & clay as medicinal detox

Herbs for survival

Cod liver oil as a superfood

Growing up in the art world

Artist residencies in indigenous communities

Pushing the visual dialogue

Queen Quet, Gullah nation

Earth systems update

We are immortal

1750- connections of pre industrial period when CO2 began rising

Bearing witness to change

Global warming & environmental degradation

Adaptogenic herbs and plants for daily flushing, detox, fortification and resilient health

Featured Plant Ally: Castor (Rinicus Communis)

Resources and Links:


all music in this episode by Hannah Mayree 

Shout Outs:

Michele E. Lee

George Peterson Jr.

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