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Season 2
conjuring light
We Are The Dreams of Our Ancestors


Episode 1: Standing In Our Truth

In this episode we hear from Angelique Sobande Greer who is a world traveled speaker, herbalist, teacher, consultant, author & spiritual life coach delivering high energy presentations delivered with inspiration, humor, and a down to earth style.

Since 1992, Natural Choices Botanica has stood at the forefront teaching students the art of herbalism & holistic health. What began as an herb catalog business quickly blossomed into a successful retail store. By 1999, the store was devastated by a tornado and she was forced to reshape the vision. Sobande began teaching classes and workshops at colleges & conferences. The founder’s living room and backyard became the hub for retreats & holistic studies while her kitchen quickly blossomed into an amazing herbal apothecary.

The NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health is the oldest African American School of Herbalism & Natural Health in the United States that teaches the art of healing the old fashion way. Sobande is also the visionary founder of Sacred Waters Herbal Retreat for Women Color & the Annual Afro Botany Immersion Conference in Costa Rica.













In this Episode: 

Herbalism and Ancestors

African Roots of Herbalism

Granny Medicine, Sitting at the Feet of Our Elders

Oral Transmission & African Styles of Learning

Divine Contracts

Reflecting Our Goodness as African People

Being Honest About Who We Are


Relearning Survival Basics & How To Sustain Ourselves

Thinking & Operating With Longevity

Afro Botany Conference and Immersion

Sacred Waters Women of Color Retreat

Featured Plant Ally: Cotton (Gossypium)

Resources and Links:


Rain, David K

Rain, Sunday Service Choir

Love Is The Message, Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist

Shout Outs: 

Angelique Sobande Greer

Kalliopeia Foundation

George Peterson Jr.

Maneesh Madahar 

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